The Moon Kingdom of Kath is on Manillius crater above
                                                          These are a few of the celebrities who have purchased land on the Moon including Mineral Rights
The Moon Kingdom of KATH micronation was established by King Roman of Darwin Australia 1st July 2014, on the outer slopes of crater Manillius.

It will not be long before we can travel to the Moon. NASA plans to return there in 2020. Elon Musk states he will have colonies on the Moon and Mars within seven years (by 2023) - the Moon has to be first for several reasons.

Anyone 18 and over may now become a Citizen or Knight (Sir or Lady) of the Moon Kingdom of KATH
micronation and will receive a Certificate of Citizenship and be listed either on the Moon Kingdom of KATH Citizenship Roll, or on the Roll of Knights of the Moon Kingdom of KATH.

Our Constitution is simple, anyone over 18 can be a Moon Citizen or Knight, under the Moon Kingdom of KATH Flag (above).

You may become a Moon Kingdom of KATH Citizen upon lodgement of your Name and Specialization, and Contribution of AU $10.00.

Or you may become a Knight (Sir or Lady) of the Moon Kingdom of KATH micronation, listed and certificated, by submission of your Name and Specialization, and Contribution of AU $25.00.

The Moon Kingdom of KATH micronation looks forward to welcoming new Moon Citizens and Knights (Sirs and Ladies). 

Join us now by submitting your Name and Specialization (what you are specially good at, or like best). And make your Contribution here:
                                  Space Embassy, 124-7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia - Email: - Phone: +618 89481123

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